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The Multi-Story Multi-Family Residential Modular application has been progressing rapidly for years now across the globe. With every single success story comes three not so successful stories. Insiders in the Commercial Modular Building industry might say that success is heavily weighed on the Modular manufacturer you select for your project. While there are some differences in Manufactures, as a whole, I don’t agree with these statements. I can tell you for a fact that EVERY Modular Manufacturer in this field has had some success and some not so successes. So what is the difference?

Multi-Story Multi-Family Modular applications are simply harder than Hotel and Commercial Retail applications, but I am sure you already knew that, so no surprise there. The difference between the successful ones and the not so successful ones is the Planning and Preparation that go in on the front end. Weather you have built Modular Residential before or this is your first time you need someone on your side that knows the industry, knows how the Modules are built, knows how the Scopes of Work are written, knows where the Manufactures often run into trouble and knows the early signs of trouble and how to avoid them. In addition, you contractors have to be well informed and educated and have to know what they are really bidding…. Contract values can buy row boats, change orders can often buy yachts!

We provide long term or short term affordable consulting services ranging from review of initial Manufacturing plans and prints helping to identify On-Site MEP feasibility, overall schedules both in plant and on-site, budget review, contractor development and sourcing, in-plant Modular quality fit and finish inspections, and Contract Scope review and clarifications just to name a few.

Contact us today and let’s make sure that your money isn’t used to buy Yachts!

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