“Modular Just Makes Sense”.

Commercial Modular Solutions


                                                       Hospitality and Hotel

 The Modular Hospitality and Hotel market is experiencing rapid growth. Domestic and International Brands are clamoring to find qualified Modular Manufacturers and get their Modular Hotels from concept to Production.

What can CMS do for you?

o    Provide On-Site Logistics oversight or Consulting.

o    Does the Modular Concept work on my Hotel?

o    Are there site logistics that would need to be addressed prior to receiving modular units?

o    What timeline to occupancy can we really expect with Modular Technology from the ground up?

o    Are there additional contractors that need to be brought in?

o    And many more

o    Full or Part Time Services Available.

o    Provide In-Plant (Pre or Post Contract) Consulting Assistance

o    Review and Advise on the Modular Manufacturer Scope of Work vs. the Developers on site Scope of work. Identify and Avoid         loopholes that cost time and money!

o    Review On-Site Scope of work and advise on best means and methods to ensure timely and cost effective completion.

o    Perform In-Plant quality fit and finish of Modular Manufactured products to ensure they meet the standards of the Brand prior         to shipment from the Manufacturing plant.

o    Review and Advise on lessons learned from prior Hotel and Hospitality Modular Projects.

o    Act as the Owners Rep and liaison between the Franchisee and the Modular Manufacturer. You can’t avoid the problems you         don’t see coming!

These are just a few of the consulting services we offer to Hospitality and Hotel Developers. We contract with the Brand or the Franchisee, depending on the specific scenarios, at a reasonable rate that has positive effect on the bottom line.

Is your Franchisee anxious or somewhat hesitant about the Modular Technology applications for his or her Hotel? Contact us and ask about our “Next Steps” package to get your Franchisee moving in the Modular Technology Direction.