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Commercial Modular Solutions



Have you been approached by a Developer to give a quote to complete the on-site Scope of a Commercial Modular building?  This can be a very difficult position to be in especially if the Developer is one that you have worked with before or just has a high expectation of you. They want a number today, but the only number you are comfortable with is one higher than the last project you did for them……How do you Bid something that you may have never seen up close and personal?

Why do the Modular prints sometimes differ from the Architect or MEP engineer prints, what is a “center loaded corridor”, or how does the sectioned chase continuity get completed on site and meet code, How much time will my plumber spend on this and what is his/her real scope?

These are just a few of the likely questions you have.

We have worked with multiple manufacturing plants, reviewed manufacturing prints, worked with Architects and Engineers and understand what really goes into the on-site completion of a Commercial Modular building. Our goal is to educate and train you, the contractor, to be able to give an accurate bid that minimizes the risk yet provides the detail needed for your Developer to make a final decision about Modular. We provide real examples of what it will take, not what the Modular Manufacturer “Thinks it should take”, to complete the Scope of work and minimize or eliminate the fear of the unknown. We also help you to ensure that the Scope of work you are providing clearly segregates, identifies, and explains the Contractor’s Scope, the Developers Scope, and the Manufacturers Scope, minimizing the risk for all.

In the end, Commercial Modular project success is heavily based on the success of the contractor’s working on the project. You need to be able to give real bid numbers and know what to really expect from the Manufacturer. Your success is our success!

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